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Spider Exterminator

Spider Exterminator 2There are hundreds of species of spiders that inhabit our area. Too many to mention. But the most important one is the BLACK WIDOW. Yes, we do have black widow spiders in our area; especially in heavily wooded areas.

Spider Exterminator 3Spider services are all performed using the same basic methods, regardless of the species being treated. It is an interior crack & crevice and exterior perimeter “detailing” service, primarily utilizing liquid sprays. However, if the interior infestation is heavy, a fogging may be required to achieve optimum control. If a fogging is deemed appropriate, residents will need to vacate the home for at least 4 hours from application time. It is only in rare situations that fogging is necessary.

Spider Exterminator 4The average spider treatment takes approximately 1 hour.

Please see our Pricing Guide for rates. 

If a ladder is required, the homeowner must provide one. Our sprayers can generally reach the eves of a 2nd floor (up to 20 ft. from ground level). Excessive ladder work, homes w/large decks, crawl spaces, etc. are some factors that can affect the pricing.